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The Shout Out

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This week we shout out to all the people injecting some craic into quarantine. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Mr Tony Pike. Owner of the legendary venue that has hosted the much-mythologised parties of celebrities holidaying on the White Isle. His autobiography describes a uniquely visceral journey in becoming the human incarnation of the hedonism that epitomises Ibiza. If you're in search of a legal tonic to transport you out of lockdown and remind you of what's in store for the summer, he's it.

2. This paw-fect Instagram feed. From ordering extra Nespresso capsules to organising Zoom conferences, dogs around the country are logging on and stepping up in a bid to ease their owners into the WFH transition.

3. Miss Chloe Flower's daily youtube piano tutorials. The pianist, composer and activist has been teaching covers for beginners. Learn 'Yesterday,' 'Row Row Row the Boat,' or even re-acquaint yourself with the ultimate Beethoven banger: 'The Fur Elise.' Perform to partners, pets and house plants whilst wearing cascading chiffon and big hair.


The man who got his knee dirty at the checkout aisles of Iceland because he couldn’t fly her to the real deal.


Not exercising much? Us neither, because we've been getting our heart-rate up another way...The Fall is a gripping psychological thriller that examines the lives of two hunters. Starring the equally delectable Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson, three seasons are easily devoured, and whilst some may call it binging, we prefer the term 'marathon training.'


This guy who goes and pulls off the greatest version of the ‘Coronavirus Rhapsody’ so far. And here we were thinking 'I want to Break Free' was a witty take on on a Queen song...


The Virtual Pub - it's a beautiful thing, going to the pub whilst being in the bath. Team with a 2am kebab for a truly authentic experience.


The TikTok: ‘Self-isolation through Gemma Collins clips' because you're far more likely to find us playing with lemons in socks than dancing the Renegade any day. May we suggest that 'Week 2 of Self-Isolation' begins with the iconic moment the GC fell down a hole on National TV. Desirable and relatable all at once.


Open-window opera: the Italian neighbours singing in a sonorous show of solidarity.


And while there are so many voices we want to amplify in this craziest of times, there are some that we’d prefer to just button it. This week’s call to Shut the F*** Up goes to Madonna, who posted a video pronouncing Covid ‘the great equaliser’.

From a luxury bathtub.

Adorned with rose petals.

Need we say more...

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