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The Enduring Power of Print

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

The death knell for print publishing has been ringing for some time now, with forecasters predicting its demise for more than a decade. Yet the medium endures. This has been proven by the recent adoption of print magazines by major digital players to boost their marketing success; see Air BnB, Facebook and MailChimp.

So why, in this age of allegedly diminishing attention spans and instant gratification does this long-form means of communication continue to appeal? Here’s why printed collateral and bespoke publications should form part of your marketing strategy.

Print grabs attention and captures imagination in a way that digital does not. How many marketing emails are you inundated with daily, emails that more often than not are sent straight to trash? By contrast physical post is something of a novelty, and as such has the potential to hold our attention – especially if it’s packaged in the right way.

Additionally, away from the restrictions of web dimensions and SEO considerations, you have the opportunity to make a far larger impact with a print publication – both in terms of visual layouts and compelling text. This is key for drawing in new customers and retaining existing; a custom print magazine is a proven way of making a customer feel as though they joining an exclusive club when they buy into your brand, thus boosting brand loyalty.

Record players. Fountain pens. Leather-bound diaries. We’re all suckers for a bit of retro, and print now falls firmly within that category. Digital forms such an important part of a content strategy but print is making a comeback – weirdly – as something innovative and new. And I don’t know about you, but I’m far more focused on what I’m reading if it’s sitting in my hands than on a screen or a computer, with the endlessly distracting pings and notifications. The long-form nature of print forces readers to engage with your brand for an extended period of time, leading to an increased chance of conversion.

Lastly print is unique in the way it challenges customers. A publisher said recently: “The web is where we go to get answers but print is where we go to ask questions.” Encourage curiosity in your customers with a bespoke magazine, which will help them to explore the history and ethos of your brand in a way that is both creative and unique.

For more information on how Boca Grande can help you make lasting impressions with unforgettable editorial, speak to us at

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