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Shout Out to Wild Lulita

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

It is quite a wondrous thing - seeing someone birth a business that is such a clear extension of themselves, their passions and philosophies. If every single cake shop in Barcelona was hauled into a line-up and you were asked to choose which one belonged to Lucy Cheyney - well, I am positive you would pick Wild Lulita.

Like Lucy, Wild Lulita is a breath of fresh air. A cake, pleasure, and health concept store both celebrating and spearheading the enriching union that exists between sensuality and beautiful, healthy food. This is cake that truly hits the spot...

We caught up with Lucy, to learn more about how she's navigating both her own and Wild Lulita’s journey in the pursuit of pleasure...

Tell us about Wild Lulita's journey and what makes it unique. Wild Lulita was born out of a passion for making beautiful healthy vegan cakes, celebrating amazing art created by women, and a guilty pleasure of all things erotic and sensual. Having been a classically trained chef for 12 years I really wanted to create a business that was more than just food. A business that allowed me to explore the other passions in my life. I also strongly believe that finding pleasure in life, either with cake or by embracing our sexual desires, is healthy. I liked the idea of a business that was a little more playful and sexy than the average health food business, and if I could support other female founded businesses at the same time, then great! So, 8 months ago I opened Wild Lulita; a feminine concept store, selling vegan cakes, organic smoothies and juices, unique female focused art, ceramics, vegan skincare and sensual products. A one-stop-shop for pleasure gifts!

How big a part does content play in Wild Lulita's success?  Our story and why we are different is vital. I wanted us to stand out from other cake shops. Creating varied content that is always more than just cake. I also wanted to create something that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I am naturally quite fun and playful and tend not to take life too seriously so wanted the shop to reflect that. So our content is a huge part of building that image and unleashing that side of the business so people can have fun with us too.

What prompted you to take the plunge and start a business? I had spent the previous 5 years helping other businesses open and get going; developing concepts, creating recipes and menus as well as working for private caterers and yoga retreats. I came to the conclusion that if I was going to work my arse off, it might as well be for my own project. I have had sooo many business ideas over the last decade and never had the time, confidence, money or motivation to get them going. It felt like a now or never moment and with the strong belief of “what is the worst that can happen?” I had an idea that I believed in and spotted a gap in the market here in Barcelona. And I was also ready to have the creative freedom that comes with running your own business. Which is still one of the main reasons I love it. What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? I won’t get too philosophical. But it has to come from my boyfriend’s father and my own who have both been such huge supporters of the business from day one. “If you don’t believe in your own bullshit, then no one else will!” – Always reminding myself of why I am doing this and to value my worth! He is Australian and doesn’t mince his words, but that is sometimes what we need to hear! As women we always undervalue ourselves and they have told me again and again to believe in myself! And to follow on from that; “If you don’t try it, you will never know!” I’ve really had to deal with my fear of failure and still struggle with it, but it is a cliché; I’d rather fail than to have never tried it. Wild Lulita is such a new business, so time will tell as to whether we will be a success, but I will never regret trying and taking the plunge. I also think my opinion about what success is has changed since I started the business. We are so often told what success is and shown examples of people who have made billions, but the reality is very different from that. Success is not so black and white, and you sometimes have to take a step back and enjoy all the little successes that happen every day.

What are the biggest things you've learnt about yourself since starting a business?

Good things or bad things? 😉 I am a horrific perfectionist and I have really had to accept that ‘done’ is better than perfect. I take a huge amount of pleasure in planning everything to the tiniest detail and as a one-woman band it is impossible to maintain such high standards. Letting go of that has been very hard but has also freed up so much of my time! Then again, I love having ideas and finding solutions for every little detail. I also really underestimated how emotionally involved I would be, which at times hasn’t helped me make rational decisions. I have slowly learnt to become more business minded and look at problems from an outsider’s perspective. It isn’t easy when you have poured everything you have into your business baby, but I am getting there! These both sound like negatives, so what has been one amazing lesson is realising how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it, and watching an idea turn into reality within the space of a year. I am incredibly proud of myself and so grateful that I have had this opportunity to create an entire concept and all the tiny elements within it.

Who or what do you want to give a shout out too? It has to be my wonderful family who have encouraged me from day one, and also my incredibly patient boyfriend! I never wanted a business partner, but they come pretty close! It is terribly isolating when you decide to open a business. It becomes the most important thing in your life, you sacrifice time with your friends and family, so it is even more wonderful when they understand and support you through the tough times.

What should we know about what's hot in the world of cake, pleasure and health right now? There is a growing trend towards Dirty Vegan – fun, tasty and vegan! Slightly moving away from the holier-than-thou vegan options and adding a little more fun to it all! This ties in with the evolution of the vegan market in general. Mainstream products are being re-developed, encouraging more people to test them out and reduce their animal product consumption. So yes, vegan is healthy, but can also be delicious and fun too! The world of health and pleasure are merging for me, so many forward-thinking companies are talking openly about sensuality, health and sexuality. It is no longer taboo to discuss these topics. Companies such as and Onna Lifestyle, not to mention the thousands of quirky feminist Instagram accounts dedicated to celebrating female pleasure. Women are being encouraged to take their pleasure seriously and that can only be a good thing!

When has been a time you've been glad you used your voice in a business setting? A while ago when I was Head Chef for a successful business. I really voiced to the employer what it meant to work in a kitchen, to always be in the background, working long hours on your feet, be the vital heart of the business yet paid a minimum wage. The current team of 14 chefs needed to feel valued, and it meant a lot to me to be able to be in a position to make that happen.

Can you sum up your Wild Lulita journey in three words? Persistence, Joy and Tears. It has been hard, incredibly emotional, but also full of so much joy, satisfaction and fun!

When it comes to your approach to life, are you a big mouth or prone to being tight lipped?  That really depends on who I am with, when I start to feel comfortable, I can be a Big Mouth, but I’ll remain very tight lipped until I get to that moment!


Whether you're having a birthday in quarantine, hosting a virtual tea-party or are simply surrendering to pleasure - Wild Lulita will bring delicious deliveries straight to your door! Order via the Wild Lulita website or Instagram Thank you to Lucy and Wild Lulita! BG xxxxx

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