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Shout Out to the healing power of plants

Updated: May 6, 2020

Mood brightening, immune boosting and relationship saving - we explore the multiple benefits of cultivating your own indoor urban jungle, (and the joyful irony that exists in introducing a Mother-in-Law's Tongue into your home to ease rising tensions...)

The idea of plants as medicine for the mind is nothing new, but with access to the natural world so restricted at the moment, our indoor oases have taken on a whole new significance, creating calm and clarity in an otherwise chaotic world. So this week we’re shouting out to our succulents, our Mother-in-Law’s Tongues and our Swiss Cheese Plants, which don’t just lend a soothing Miami Beach aesthetic to our homes, but also have solid benefits for our mental and physical health. Here’s a few reasons why you should be jumping on the millennial plant-fevered bandwagon if you haven’t already:

They are instant mood boosters Researchers have found that people who live around nature feel much happier than those that don’t, and the addition of plants to even the most urban of spaces can have the same impact. This is thanks to both their soothing aesthetic and aromas, which promote the production of positive chemicals in the brain. There is also the air quality benefit; research has shown that plants will remove around 87% of the pollutants in the air. This, coupled with the increased oxygen release, will act as nourishment for a mired mind.

They can improve productivity and even relationships

Particularly pertinent at the moment – when being contained within the same four walls with the same person day in day out is our reality – plants can add a real sense of colour to both your professional life and personal relationships. Having a thoughtfully designed, customised workspace can promote inspiration and creativity, while being a plant parent increases your sense of compassion and empathy, leading to an increased sense of tolerance and empathy for the people in your life. (Plants are a lot cheaper than a relationship councillor and definitely cheaper than a divorce).

They can stop you getting sick

Studies in Norway have shown that illnesses drop by 60% through the use of plants in the home, which is music to our ears. You can put this down to foliage’s inherent phytoncides and other airborne chemicals, the spread of which help to reduce stress on both the mind and body and support your immune system.

But how to get started? Well we're particularly fond of London-based company Patch Plants, who are helping even the most clueless of urban gardeners integrate some greenery into their studios and sky-rise flats. Patch not only has an excellent range of individually named indoor and outdoor plants, but their user-friendly website will guide you through the best options for your space (because Susie likes it in the bedroom, but you'll find Franky vibing in the kitchen...) Lovely folk that they are, they will then deliver your new roommates straight to your door, providing step-by-step instructions on how best to look after them to ensure they stick around for awhile....

And if you need inspiration, look no further than Boca Grande’s very own indoor landscaper extraordinaire Harriet, who brought character into her Barcelona studio flat with the introduction of some leafy luminaries. Who said it wasn’t easy being green?

Marvin - he heard it through the grapevine
The 3 Freddies (Fig, Mercury, Chopin)
Bob - just look at the lid on it
Mamoa's a big boy

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