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A labour of love founded by Harriet Ashton and

Katy Parker-Shorthouse, Boca Grande is a unique partnership bringing a fresh approach to the creation of written content. Born out of the simple realisation that together we are a more powerful voice for your brand, we work collaboratively, fostering a creative climate that enriches our work. 

Combining nine years of experience that spans traditional print journalism and digital marketing, (Katy - a former magazine editor, luxury and lifestyle writer and digital copywriter, Harriet - a senior business developer within digital advertising and digital copywriter), we specialise in the innovative use of content and editorial to amplify your brand's voice, working with the likes of Quintessentially, Six Senses Residences, AllBright and Nescafe to create compelling copy, long-form features and bespoke publications. 


Our relationship blossomed after we were photographed as newborns for the local newspaper; a predilection for standing out started there and it is this that forms the basis of everything we do at Boca Grande.  Together, we turn it up. 

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